Chaos to Paradise

17 Sep 2017

Everyone arrived from Delhi. A hike around the lake and the local village to stretch the legs and take in the fresh air was truly the way to enter into a nice long weekend. We all were a bit road weary, but after a good meal prepared with love and experiencing the “best” shower in India at our boutique home stay, everyone was ready to begin the first Exsul tour. The home stay is beyond what one would expect in Meghalaya. Exquisite five star modern rooms on a quiet lake with breath taking views at all hours of the day especially early morning and sunset. After dinner and stories around the fire from our host, it was time to call it a night to rest and prepare for our 3000 step hike to the legendary root bridges outside of Cherrapunji ( Once the wettest place on Earth)

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    By : pratibha
    Date: 01 Aug 2018

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